Review Virtual Hacking Lab (VHL)

Getting Started

Once you bought the course, you will be presented with a student panel, which contains the course, lab dashboard and other related things.

Vulnerable Machines

There are three different difficulty levels.


These boxes are aimed to those who just started or want to dive in the world of pentesting. You can follow what’s in the PDF/hints to get into user and get root. Some of the boxes might have direct root exploit, so that no privilege escalation is needed.


These boxes have little hints and you might need to do a bit of research outside the labs to compromise the machines.

Advanced +

These boxes are aimed to challenge students to think out of the box, and to not rely much at hints (these boxes have too little to zero hints) and train your Google-Fu skills. And I think that’s great because you’ll know if you have reached your limit so you can improve where you’re weak at.


Based on the reviews I got from one of the OSCP communities , VHL is a good place to learn if your lab time has finished, or maybe you want to find a place to start preparing for OSCP.



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